Dutch Fashion Meets Marrakech

Dutch Fashion Meets Marrakech


Carmichael Byfield - our invisible and busy bee

Carmichael Byfield is an innovative designer from Jamaica with tremendous potential. After having lived in New York he moved to the Netherlands. In the beginning it was pretty hard for him to show Dutch people see that he is not one of the, as he calls, 'uneducated and unwanted-Jamaicans'. Carmichael does not like the none progressive Jamaicans and that is why prefers to be an invisible bee that can sting all people who are lazy. That is why he sometimes can become very frustrated and even feel like punching people while off course knowing that this is impossible. 

Now you might think Carmichael is a bad boy however is in fact the opposite of that. He is a very honest, nice and committed person. The worst thing in the world for him is saying 'no' to people. And he loves to wake up to a brand new day. 
Carmichael is even a little crazy. But crazy in a good way. He is addicted to music, fabrics and cologne. And that is the reason that he does not only have cologne in the bathroom, but also keeps some cologne on his nightstand. And now I will even tell you a little secret: when Carmichael is home alone, he is always naked.
So now I have told you about his 'bad' sides, his good sides and his kind crazy sides. Of course I also want to tell you something about Carmichael as a designer.
Carmichael is now living the dream which he had since he was a kid: the dream of being a designer. He is the proud owner of ' House of Byfield'. A beautiful, discreet and elegant brand with an eye for detail and a sportive touch.
Carmichael is inspired by ones like Franco Moschino, Donna Karen, Nicole Miller, David Paulus, Ted Lapidus and Versace. He has even met David Paulus who he considers to be the nicest person he met last year. 
So now this Jamaican boy is unstoppable. Even though he knows there might be unspoken criticism about him as a designer he is thankful for not yet being confronted with that. We personally belief there is no reason to criticize such a great designer. 
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